"Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives" has developed an advanced, high performance, next generation hydraulic drive for deep well rod pump (GERON, HDDWRP type) which competes successfully with mechanical pumping units. Innovative equipment manufactured bу the Company is operated in the oil fields matching oil and gas extraction equipment bу foreign manufacturers in terms of quality and reliability.

The hydraulic drive is intended for activation of one or several deep well pumps while extracting oil from the wells equipped with the wellhead fittings, and for water extraction from deep artesian wells. GERON hydraulic drive, HDDWRP type, enables а real-time monitoring and remote control of the process, with attending personnel and equipment minimally involved.


Hydraulic Drive for Deep Well Rod Pump Operating Principle:

           Схема гидропривода en

HC - Hydraulic cylinder

RSWRP -   Rod string with  well rod pump

EM - electric motor with frequency control

HPM - Hydraulic pump motor

HT - Hydraulic tank

ECS - Electronic control system

LFS - Linear feedback system for controling hydraulic cylinder's piston position.


The hydraulic drive is operated from the pump station installed in the shelter and is controlled Ьу the intelligent electronic control system. While lifting the rod string and the formation fluid, the hydraulic pump delivers the working fluid to the rod end of the hydraulic cylinder. When this happens, the polished rod is lifted. While lowering, the working fluid is displaced from the rod end due to the rod string weight and charges the hydropneumatic accumulators with nitrogen via the multiplier or generates electrical energy via the pump-motor and recuperation generator:

The accumulated energy is used at the next throw of the sucker-rod pump, thus resulting in energy saving (up to 35%).

Advantages of the hydraulic drive, manufactured by "Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives":


  • The hydraulic built-in valve prevents from rod breakages;
  • With the rod seized, the piston does not stop, but despite the well resistance, it continues moving with а moderate speed in the opposite direction.
  • The up and down movement at а moderate speed continues until the resistance is overcome. Afterwards the hydraulic drive changes over to the mode set bу an operator.


  • The duty cycle of HDDWRP drive compares favorably with the sine curve describing performance of electro-mechanical drives.
  • The hydraulic cylinder travel speeds can be regulated independently for lifting and lowering.
  • The maximal rod reverse speed is not limited by its maximal lowering speed.
  • Algorithms of the intelligent electronic control system enable maximum energy savings, increased deep well pump fillability and reduced maintenance costs.



Low weight and compactness, no foundation or heavy base, availability for service of underground equipment during workover.

Transportability to any region of Russia or near abroad.

Increased possibilities when setting operating parameters at the well site.

Simple and quick putting into operation after installation or stoppage.

Installation and dismantling of the hydraulic drive at the well site takes 3 hours, max.

M-200 ESE lightning protector to ensure safety of equipment and attending personnel.

No open moving and rotating parts, which is safer for attending personnel.

Telemetry and Drive remote control.


        Maintenance-, warranty- and extended service are carried out by the company’s specialized service team. Engineering staff engaged in repair, installation and start-and-adjustment work at oil-production sites is qualified in compliance with the established national laws and other legal acts of Russia for the following types of supervision:

Industrial safety, electrical safety, hydraulic facilities safety;

Oil-and-gas industrial safety;

Lifting facility safety requirements;

Qualification of specialists responsible for safe crane operations;

Qualification of slingers

5.    COST   

        The cost of equipment is calculated from operating conditions and equipment, approved in accordance with the customer questionnaire.

Depending on the well parameters (well depth, well yield) use is made of hydraulic drives with various technical characteristics:

  Maximum load at the point of rod suspension, kN
  Maximum wellhead rod stoke, m 1 ÷ 6
  Maximum number of double strokes per minute at a length of 6 mм 4
  Maximum number of double strokes per minute at a length of 4 m
  Maximum pressure of working fluid in hydraulic system, MPa
  Type of electric motor: three-phase, asynchronous  220/380V
   rotary speed 1500rpm. Maximum power consumption with recuperation unit, kW
  Working fluid tank, liters
  Working fluid grade
ВМГЗ ТУ 38.101479-00
  Mean-time-between-failures, hours, min
  Overhaul life, hours
  Average total life, years

      Model range of hydraulic drives:




HDDWRP- 60 - … HDDWRP - 80 - … HDDWRP - 100 - … HDDWRP - 120 - … HDDWRP - 160 - … HDDWRP - 200 - …
Maximum load at the polished rod, kN 60 80 100 120 160 200
    Maximum wellhead rod stoke, m 0,2 ÷ 6 0,2 ÷ 6 0,2 ÷ 6 0,2 ÷ 6 0,2 ÷ 6 0,2 ÷ 6
Maximum number of double strokes per minute (NDS) 0,2 ÷ 9 
(if L=6м – max NDS =4; if L=4м – max NDS =6; 
if L=3м – max NDS =7;  if L=2м – max NDS =9)
Electric motor power, kV 18,5 30 37 45 55 55
Power consumption, kV/h до 5 до 7 до 10

до 14 до 16 до 19
Maximum pressure of working fluid in hydraulic system, MPa 4,0 6,0 7,0 9,0 13,0 18,0
The height of the structure above the wellhead (h), m 6 ÷ 14 
(if L=6m – h=14m; if L=4m – h=10m; 
if  L=3m – h=8m;   if  L=2m – h=6m)
Weight of wellhead equipment, kg

760 ÷ 1500

(if L=6m – 150kg; if L=3m – 950kg;     if L=2m – 760kg)

Weight of pumping unit, kg 2500 ÷   4500
(if L=6m – 4500kg; if L=3m – 3500kg;     if L=2m – 2500kg)
A method of supports mounting (coordinated with the customer)

- At the wellhead;

- Reinforced concrete slabs;

- Other.

Optional equipment

- Lighting rod М-200;

- Bar rotator

- Echo-sounder ;

- Intellectual electronic control system with intelligent algorithms.

Documents provided with GERON hydraulic drive, type HDDWRP:

  • Quality certificates, conformity certificates for components;
  • Technical certificate;
  • Installation guide;
  • Operating guide.

      The Hydraulic Drive is accompanied with all permissive documentation:


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       Optional equipment

Company "Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives" can offer in addition to the basic configuration of HDDWRP the following equipment:


Active lightning rod M-200, complete with attachment on top of the cylinder.

Using the diverter allows you to reliably protect the equipment and staff working at the well from the lightning strike. Production is patented, certified and is authorized to use.


Hydraulic cylinder with integrated linear system feedback position of the piston cylinder

It allows you to remotely change the pump stroke lenght without stopping. Operating range of active motion control rod is up to 6000 mm.


Electronic control system

Includes intelligent algorithms to automate the extraction of reservoir fluid and reduce overall maintenance costs. The products are certified and protected by patent.

Bar rotators

It is used for the extraction of reservoir fluid with high paraffin content. Bar rotators

have an original design and are adapted for mounting at any type of support of HDDWRPштанговр сайт

Available in two types of Bar rotators  :

- load of up to 8 tons;

- load of up to 18 tons.

Production is patented, certified and is authorized to use.


Universal support extender

Suitable for mounting at any type of support in the conditions where the polished rod has a greater height above the wellhead (over 2.0 m).