"Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives" was founded on the 9thof March 2011 г.


"Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives" is specializes in the design, manufacture and service of oil and gas equipment.

At the enterprise the research and development works to the creation and improvement of the hydraulic drive for deep well pump are being carried out. This technology is replacing the outdated mechanical pumping unit.

Today the hydraulic drive is successfully applied at the oilfields of oil company "Rosneft".

As a result of the hydraulic drive HDDWRP Geron's application the costs in comparison with mechanical pumping unit are being significantly reduced. Due to the original design the reduction of time, required for mounting, dismantling and maintenance of the hydraulic drive will also take place.


"Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives" offers state-of-the-art technology in the field ofoil production and keeps improving the product parameters


Basic Advantages of GERON Hydraulic Drive, type HDDWRP

      1.  Easy mount the Drive at the oil well

      2.  Long life of equipment

      3.  All parameters are being directly displayed on Electronic Control Panel

      4.  Remote data transfer to the upper level by means of telemetry

      5.  Oil production automatic control

      6.  High efficiency

      7.  Reduced costs in service and repair

      8.  Usability and operation safety

      9.  Compactness

      10. Simple design

      11. Energy saving

Our specialists are ready to visit you for a presentation of a hydraulic drive for deep well rod pump "Geron»



Company details "Konkov's Petro-Hydraulic Drives"

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