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Research and Production Company KONKOV’S PETRO-HYDRAULIC DRIVES has developed an advanced, high performance, next generation hydraulic drive for deep well rod pump (GERON, HDDWRP type) which competes successfully with mechanical pumping units. Innovative equipment manufactured bу the Company is operated in the oil fields matching oil and gas extraction equipment bу foreign manufacturers in terms of quality and reliability



before the chain drive pumping unit and hydraulic drive

with pneumatic equilibration



  1. Simple and reliable construction of the drive
  2. Compact size and convenience of transportation.
  3. Assembling does not require any special foundation, ordinary road plates or screw piles are sufficient.
  4. Less metal consumption of the structure.
  5. Mounting and dismantling time is reduced op to 4-6 times in comparison to the mechanical pumping unit, and chain drives.
  6. Reduced costs of service and maintenance, as electronic control system is used for continuous monitoring of the work.
  7. Power consumption is reduced (Read more)
    • in comparison to the mechanical pumping unit, and chain drives up to 50%
    • in comparison to hydraulic drive with pneumatic equilibration up to 30%
  8. Simplicity and convenience of service due to the placement of the pumping station and the ECS in the block box with a removable roof.
  9. The absence of massive moving and rotating parts outside, there is no need for a fence. Safe for people around.
  10. Telemetry allows to control of drive operation remotely.
  11. The absence of cables reduces the quantity of service works and increases safety.
  12. Unloading of the hydraulic drive is due to a frequency converter, so the power headroom is not required. It allows you to save energy when operating.
  13. Simplicity of regulation according to the number and length of the stroke with the ECS allows you to select full production rate and adjust the selection, according to the change in flow rate at constant analysis of dynamometer.
  14. Simplicity to provide small numbers of strokes on low-debit wells. So hydraulic rod pumps with a large diameter shaft can be installed, reducing the number of oscillations due to that the life of the underground equipment can be increased.
  15. The absence of bending and stretching variable loads on the power unit of the structure.
  16. The bar rotator can be applied at the units with capacity more than 8 tons.

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